Candi Coated Business Solution 4 U has many options available to help you with making your business a success. Specializing in small business.

Quickbooks Pro Adviser -DO you need a little brush up on a Quickbooks Program, have a question, wanting to learn more about QB and the Programs Available? If I do not know the answer, I will find the answer!

*Marketing/promoting *Bookkeeping*Payroll*Taxes

*Bookkeeping services (I am not an accountant nor do I want to be but I am the go between)
Full Charge Bookkeeping, my knowledge of tax programs helps me to help you keep your books up to date and categorized, so your accountant just does your taxes, and not the busy work saving you money. I can do your monthly reporting’s, filings, payable’s for payroll, 1099’s and W2’s,along with knowledge in garnishments, employee benefits and other misc deductions.

Construction knowledge, progressive billings and payments, change orders, contract knowledge (do you know what you are signing…arbitration can hurt you or help you..know what you are signing!) OSHA requirements, MSDS, Safety Manuals, Financials and budgets creating and maintaining them,

Industries I have worked in…Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estate, Agriculture, Services, Trucking (permits too)…Jack of all trades, master of none, well yet anyhow.

Helping people getting their business off the ground, or helping an old business re-awake to a new beginning. Many people try to do their own “books” – unless your business is an accounting/bookkeeping business, in my opinion let a professional do your books, so you can do your job. You need to concentrate on what you do best.

Notary for the State of Idaho..

References available…


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