Marketing 101

As you are driving around town, and you see a sign that peeks your interest – may it be food, or some supplies, and you look for a phone number on the sign, and THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER, how frustrated do you get? You drive a little farther down the road, you see a similar store with a phone number – right on the sign! You call the store, they have what you want – you go get it, bam you are done.

How many of you out there, dislike shopping like I do? I am one of those shoppers that get in, get what I want, and get out. Usually I will do my research online to make sure a store has what I want. My other way to research is driving around. I see something that catches my eye, and whalaa a phone number is one sign. Or I use my phone to take a picture of the sign, how I keep track of business cards and contacts any more. I will take a picture and file it away on my phone.

I worked for a sign company several years ago, as the administrative person. I wanted to be in sales so bad…but the owner must have thought I was not a good sales person. What work I brought him, he would take over and keep my commission..(that’s a different story). I think it is a great idea, to suggestive sell when you are helping someone with designing their business sign. Suggest the phone number be on the sign is a great suggestion.

This has happened before…you get your sign, you love it. But then it pops in your brain…PHONE NUMBER. Best advertising tip in the world.

The next is reader boards…if you have nothing to display – display your phone number and a friendly greeting. I drive by a few signs, day after day, month after month – the same message is on the sign. Something irrelevant for that day or month. Keep your reader boards up to date people!

Ok enough of my ranting today…stay tuned for more info!